Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ticket Purchase and Flight Deals

Picture of Vienna ©2002 by James Martin
Earlier in the week I found an incredibly cheap flight to Vienna for $570 with tax. Given that I need to fly out on January 27th (reasons for this will be posted in a future blog post), this was a great deal! I missed it though, and now the cheapest flights available are $774 with Transaero Airlines through Kayak or the absurd $1,188 with FinnAir with 2 stops through Expedia. I have traveled for very cheap before like my $94 flight from Lisbon to Toronto but this time I had to challenge myself given the fixed date to find a cheap flight.

The first site I went to was Canadian Affair. Here you can find great deals on flights to the UK and Ireland from Canada. The beauty of it is, if you have a day in Great Britain it does not really matter where you land, a Megabus can get you just about anywhere on the Isle for between $10-$30. Given this, I will be flying into Manchester for $380 with tax and taking a Megabus to London for $10. At this point in time I referred to the always useful Ryanair to get to my destination. Although they do fly to Graz (my destination), my times and prices did not add up so I had to look for alternatives. WizzAir saved the day with a flight special to Ljubljana, Slovenia for approximately $17 from London Luton to Ljubljana Airport. From there I will only be an hour away from Graz where I will take either the Slovenian Train Service or Carpool. Carpooling is my preference because it is a great way to meet people and pay a fraction of the price for travel.

Pro tip: When travelling to airports outside of London like Gatwick, Luton or Stansted, buying your tickets in advance to or from downtown can save you a few bucks. Booking online through easyBus is my preferred service.

If you are in Manchester on Monday, January 28th from 8am-3pm or London that evening, let's go grab a coffee or pint! The Wellington is calling!

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