Sunday, December 9, 2012

Austrian Student Visa Application Process for Canadians

When travelling to Austria, you do not need a visa for personal or business travel if it is for 90 days or less. For Canadians looking to work or study in Austria, you require a visa. The process itself is a fairly boring one but this should be a pretty good check list of what you would need.

For a type six student visa (for students studying for six months), the following documentation needs to be processed by the Austrian Embassy in Ottawa (note: it can only be done though an embassy and not through a consulate):

1) Passport
2) Permanent Resident Card or Valid Student- and reentry Visa for Canada (for non Canadian Citizen only)
3) 2 photos
4) Letter of acceptance from the Austrian University
5) Letter of confirmation from the Canadian University
6) CAN police criminal record check (not older than 3 month)
7) Birth certificate
8) Proof of financial means about 1000 Euro per month (bank statements etc...)
9) Proof of accommodation
10) Private health insurance for one Month (until you are registered in the Austrian health system) or for the full duration of your stay in Austria/EU

You also have to provide a filled out out application form and submit payment. This whole process takes about 10-15 days to complete.I hope this helps!

This was a fairly boring post, but next week I will be discussing cultural goals I hope to achieve! Stay tuned!

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