Monday, December 3, 2012

Greg's Goodbye Get-together Gala Gongshow!

In high school, the stereotype ran that the programmers, chess club players and Model UN students were most frequently picked on. So in the first years of my undergraduate studies, as the tech savvy chess player I was, I decided to give Model UN a try.

For anyone in a non arts discipline, it turned out to be a great learning experience, a great way to meet interesting people and a great party. Although I do not actively take part in the Model UN circuit, I did have a great time at McMUN, or the McGill Model UN. Apart from the day long sessions all weekend, the evenings were filled with pub crawls, laser tag, and copious amounts of partying.

When deciding what to do for a going away party, it just so happened that McMUN and Igloofest were taking place during my last weekend in Canada! Igloofest is a huge electronic music festival taking place just off of the St. Lawrence River in the Old-Port of Montreal! I had the chance to go last year and Diplo was spinning! It was an awesome party!

Where from here? Model UN will be taking place during the day and the party in the evening. For those not doing Model UN, there will plenty of things to do during the day in Montreal, my suggestion is try the Montreal-style smoked meats and maybe some authentic poutine! In the evening we will all be partying! Everyone is welcome to take part! For more information about the weekend, click here for the Facebook event and here for the CouchSurfing event!

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