Monday, January 7, 2013

The European Roadtrip Adventures

In the last few years I have been in Europe numerous times without going to the south. Given Graz's geographic proximity I will have the opportunity to travel different parts of Europe I have not had a chance to explore yet.

There will be three modes of transportation I will be using for my travels in the surrounding region: car, carpooling and train. Car is the simplest yet most expensive mode of transportation. A car for a weekend (Thurs-Sunday) can go for about $200CAD. This price is not so steep with a car full of people, so under $50 dollars per car depending on the number of people. Anyone over the age of 18 should not have a problem getting access to a car. Two caveats being you must have an international drivers permit which can be acquired at your local CAA and you need to know how to drive manual to get the best price on rentals.

Carpooling is the coolest new way of travelling around Europe and helps reduce travel costs substantially. Using discount services like this for travel along with discount airlines, CouchSurfing, and hostels can make European travel exceptionally cheap.

Trains are an option but can vary. With a lack of preparation trains can be an expensive source of transportation. Luckily with the rise of discount airliners, it is possible to find a good deal with Eurail  Usually I do not resort to rail because it can be a time consuming process. For short trips it may be a great option.

Two trips will have to happen for sure: Northern Italy and the Balkans.

Northern Italy I have been reluctant to travel to. Although the architecture, culture and scenery is quite beautiful, it can get very expensive very quickly on a student budget. Obvious places to travel to will be Milan, Bologna, Florence and Venice.

The Balkans seems like a really fun time. The beaches in Croatia, the history in Serbia and of course, who can forget TURBO FOLK!

This should be quite the adventure!

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