Friday, April 19, 2013

Putting the ski in Rozdeba

Last week I went skiing for the first time. I figured at some point it would make sense to finally learn how to ski, and what better place to learn than Austria. On an early Wednesday afternoon I made my way to Carinthia with two lovely local girls and a foreign exchange student from Chile.

When beginning the learning process, I was told to lose the ski poles. If I could ski without the poles, then skiing with them would be a breeze. At first I began the humiliating process of learning to go down a very slight hill side by side with a handful of Slovenian children (who were much better than I). After falling flat on my face a couple of times, I realized the technique was similar to skating. Managing to keep ones legs parallel while shifting ones body weight proved to be critical. A great resource to learn the techniques is the Ski School. Shortly after, I began dominating the sophomore hill until lunch. 

Great strides were made until my ambition finally caught up with me when I took on the big hill. I took a bit of a tumble where my skis were flung off and my upper body took a bruising. But by the end of the day I managed to go down the largest hill a few times without falling.

I leave you with a Ski Ballet video from the 1988 Calgary Olympics performed by Hermann Reitberger. Enjoy!

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