Monday, February 18, 2013

Steirermen San Very Good!

I finally made it to Graz. This town is off the beaten path and largely overshadowed on the tourist route by Budapest and Vienna however it is worth visiting. The major attraction in Graz is the Schlossburg or castle mountain. From here you can see the entire town and the mountains. The castle was never occupied until Napoleon's forces took over it over in the 19th century and has been around for hundreds of years. The town was named the UNESCO City of Design and walking around town it is very easy to tell why. The architecture has various regional influences from various periods making walks enjoyable.

When I was walking around I happened to notice a giant poster of Magna International founder Frank Stronach. The 80 year old Canadian business titan began a political party in Austria called Team Stronach. Although it is gaining traction very slowly in Austria and most Austrians I have spoken to did not speak fondly about his party, it will be interesting to see how the party will perform in the coming years.

I also have sad news for all of my followers (especially the ladies) of the Arnold Project. Progress has been slow because the gym facilities at my residence are grossly inadequate. There isn't even a weight rack to my knowledge. For the time being I have been doing a wide array of body weight exercises and am looking into gym memberships in town. Cutting back on the Austrian beer is also in order. More to come soon!

But for now, enjoy this Styrian classic! They play it after every goal the Graz 99ers score in hockey and on social occasions.

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