Monday, March 4, 2013

Learning Language, and You Can Too!

If you ever want to hear educated, affable adults sound like mumbling idiots, go to an introductory course in a foreign language. Learning a new language is always a difficult process, especially in Graz where most of the population speaks English (or someone is usually available to translate). Here are some tips for picking up a new language:

1) You already speak the language!: Do you know what guten Tag means? If so, you already speak German! Not to be misunderstood, you are probably far from fluent (although huge shout out to my Austrian fans!). Believing that some threshold to speak a language exists is an unnecessary mental barrier.

2) Be loud, be proud and be wrong!: You will never be right everytime. The more mistakes you make the faster you learn. Even though the waiter may speak English and may be irritated with your poor German, keep trying!

3) Persistence, Persistence, Persistence!: Don't stop! Practice for hours a day.

Happy Hunting! I leave you with a popular German tune!

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