Monday, April 15, 2013

My Most Ambitious Plan Yet!

Although I am only half way through my ERASMUS trip, reality just dawned on me that it will not last forever by booking my ticket back to Canada. I will be flying from Amsterdam to Toronto for $450CAD on July 5th. Graz is far from Amsterdam so here is where I get clever.

I will be doing a Germany trip! There will be a combination of hitch hiking, busing and car pooling but mostly hitch hiking. I will give myself three weeks to make it to Amsterdam. The itinerary looks like the following:

Graz->Vienna->Munich->Stuttgart->Frankfurt am Main->Cologne-> Dusseldorf-> Amsterdam

If I have time left over I will hopefully make my way down to Belgium to go sight seeing and beer drinking. 

Life here has been fairly routine but I will be writing a blog soon about life here and my Ukraine trip.
Stay tuned!

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