Monday, April 29, 2013

The Israel Dilemma

Wonderful news! I along with my Australian friend Nick will be heading to Israel in the next couple of weeks. This will be an amazing trip but with one major problem: I will not be able to visit numerous other Arab states after having an Israeli stamp in my passport. This might seem petty, but I have the serious hope of heading to India or Pakistan to work in the next couple of years, and this would hinder my travelling ambitions in the Middle East while I am there.

The countries that do not accept travellers who have previous been in Israel include:
1) Syria 2) Lebanon 3) Libya 4) Kuwait 5) Iran 6) Iraq 7) Pakistan 8) Saudi Arabia 9) Sudan 10) Yemen

Although Israeli stamps can be put on a separate page if you ask the customs officer, I also intend on going exploring in Jordan which is another stamp that indicates that I was in Israel (travelling through the land border).

What can I do? Well, not all that much. I can wait for my passport to expire but that will take many years. Another option is to have another passport. Americans have the option of getting a second American passport for situations like this, Canadians do not however. If one has duel citizenship then it is possible to use the passports at different situations when necessary. I might have to look into that EU passport after all.

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  1. You can renew your Canadian passport way before it expires.

    You should get your EU one anyway.